Saturday, 11 December 2010

Degree project

Bachelor Degree project. Touristic off-road vehicle for Antarctic.

At present Antarctica is a peaceful corner of the world. That's why it attracts a greater number of tourists even in polar winter. But unfortunately tourism hasn't reached a proper level in this region yet.
Going on a trip to Antarctica one can open such an extraordinary and magic book that has been hidden from most of the people. Tourists can visit scientific stations of Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain as well as other countries. Besides each of them is like a museum for a tourist. One can also see columns of penguins living both on the coast and on the islands, majestic whales swimming by Antarctica and many other rare kinds of animals. Going to Antarctica one can see, touch and even feel its natural beauty as well as merge into extreme situation. Possibility of travelling to Antarctica is not only an opportunity to enrich one’s knowledge, but also to appeal to the problem of global warming, which most of people just disregard.
Antarctic off-road vehicle Cyclone is designed for 12 tourists. The personnel of off-road vehicle are a driver-mechanic, the second driver and a guide-doctor. The off-road vehicle has eight-cylinder engine from MAN and All-wheel drive (AWD) system for six wheels with low-pressure tires.
The whales Seyval and Finval were taken for the basis of such an insistent image. These were a front safety panel and backward incline of the front part that completed the image.
The effectiveness of the image was reached by means of wide arches with prominent wheels like paws as well as by the structural intensity of the whole composition. The beltline coming alongside from the frontal head lights up to the engine compartment added some dynamic flavor.
Color solution is partially linked to the functional nature of coloration. So, for example, the roof has a quite bright color that is necessary to indicate an off-road vehicle in case of snow storm.

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