Sunday, 23 October 2011

VW Tundra Electrical SUV

Oh, I completely forgot to publish my work from Volkswagen vision-e-mobility contest.
There are some sketches of my electrical SUV for real Russia. It has four electrical power wheels and Li-polymer batteries.

Sketch Fighter SPD contest 2011 (

And more sketches from stages of Sketch Fighter SPD contest.
This is Saab concept in style of Saab PhoeniX concept

and this is VW ECO DakarRallyRacer buggy

and sketches of lightweight race car for LeMans 2025

These are sketches of VW iCON. It's my idea for Final round of Sketch Fighter SPD contest 2011. At that time I took third place.
Volkswagen iCON (Intellectual Construction) has adaptive elastic body. This car can move in three dimensions - earth, water and air with help of adaptive concentric wheels, water jets and aero engines.

Sketch Fighter SPD contest 2011 (

Some sketches from stages of Sketch Fighter SPD contest.
New vision Skoda Fabia

AUDI Tractor with Lamborghini engine

 and Seat concept in style of Antonio Gaudí's buildings

Nissan Silvia S14

My old work, my old dream, 3D visualization of a very popular driftcar.
...front bumper was broken, sorry)

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Album covers for musician Maincutz. He makes music of following genres: electronic soul, experimental
This is his third album, that is named "You will never listen it" (20.08.2011)
It was his first album, when he had nickname Skysteph